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New Relationship

Published on March 13, 2014 by amsilverm

I am recently divorced and have for the last 2 months have been dating a very nice lady who is also going through a divorce. I really like her, but unfortunately she has terrible eating habits and constantly tells me what fattening foods she has eaten that day. I keep myself in very good shape and am concerned that she is going to gain a lot of weight which is a deal breaker for me. What should I do as I don't want to hurt her feelings.


Hi amsilverm,

What have you shared about your priorities? How do you speak about your eating habits? What are your goals around eating?

As a Lifestyle coach and a Your Tango expert,how could you bring up health as an issue rather than focus on weight? How could you enlist her support in keeping you healthy?

Hope that helps. Should you like to dive a little deeper and design a strategy, I'd be happy to support you. Please email me at to set up a complimentary discovery session.

Lauryn Sires

I guess the right thing to do is to tell her your likes and dislikes..and to also find out if you would tolerate each other in spite of your differences.