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New partner

Published on August 5, 2013 by rose7777

I have a date this week and there's a slight chance that me and the date will be having sex, and I'm a girl who ejaculates... a lot. And I don't know how to tell the guy, because I don't want to ejaculate inn his bed but I don't wanna interrupt the moment to tell him that he should lay a towel down just in case. And also if I tell him that and I don't orgasm, I don't want him to think he was bad. What should I do?


It sounds like you're uncomfortable having an honest conversation with this person about your body and the awesome power of your pleasure. If you can't be honest with this person do you really want to sleep with them? Sex will be better if you can be accept your body and be genuine with your partner.

I think if aren't able to communicate honestly with a new partner, then you should wait to be intimate.