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new format

Published on December 13, 2012 by safire1023

Your tango's new format is horrible. You can only see the latest five questions, and can't go beyond that. Why you don't delete your archive past two months ago is mind boggling. Who wants to read questions even posted 6 months ago? Those people probably don't have the same problem anymore. I'd like to be able to scroll through all the latest questions like before, without being limited to 5. This format is very user UNFRIENDLY.


Safire - you are not alone in absolutely HATING the new format. I gave YourTango feedback so nearly identical to yours that I first thought your posting was actually mine.

We're aware of this and should have the chronological sorting enabled by default soon.

Thanks for your feedback.

It's done. Now the default order is by latest published question.

We will be adding additional sort options soon.

Have a great day and thank you for using Ask YourTango.