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New Female Friend

Published on September 28, 2013 by sarah8793

So my boyfriend is in a band and was looking for a female singer. This chick responded to his ad and came for a tryout and he was being really nice to her because he's a nice guy and he cares a lot about having a band and really wants to get one together and be like a family. So I notice this girl is being a little flirty with me right there and I'm like ummm ok...and she's singing and dancing a little while doing so and I'm like WTF..but he wasn't paying her any attention so I kinda didn't care so much. She's 24 and my boyfriend and I are 20. After practice he tells me she was complimenting him on how great he is at the drums and told him he was a good looking kid. He took that as her being older giving him a compliment, I took it as her hitting on him. She starts making plans with him to practice alone so she can get to know the songs and to come earlier before practice to practice some more. I could tell this was her way of trying to get alone time with him and what not so I wasn't happy. He told me I could be there if I wanted, and I was like alright sure. He tells this girl that we'll both be there, suddenly she can't make it. Later that night she sends him a picture of herself, kind of sexual, one of her "modeling" pictures, and says she sent it because she doesn't want him to forget her. He shows me and was like you were right..I didn't even see this coming I had no clue. I take his word for it but he then says hes gonna have a talk with her and tells me all what he's gonna tell her and how that was disrespectful sending that, that he's taken, and she knew he was with me and had the nerve to do that. Come to find out when he was suppose to have a talk with her he briefly asked her if she has a flirty personality, and if she sends pictures like that to everyone. Her response obviously was yes and he was like well could you take me off that list I don't want to get any pictures and she apparently said sure no prob. He goes on to explain to me how the rest of the night went and says how him, her, and another guy in the band stayed up till 3am talking at his house really getting to know each other, and she told him how hot she thinks he is. He's telling me like it's no big deal on the phone. So I'm pissed because he already knows how I feel about her, everything I assumed would happen with her and that she would come on stronger did, and now she feels comfortable enough to be so open with him and tell him how hot she thinks he is. Correct me if I'm wrong but it sounds like shes giving him attention, and hes liking it, but I know he would never ever cheat but it feels like an emotional cheating. I feel like she clearly has no problem disrespecting me and sending my boyfriend pictures and she damn well has no problem telling him how she feels about him. Now he told me this yesterday and I kinda freaked out cause he seemed to make it not a big deal and as if he was flattered. He wants to keep her in the band because he really wants to put one together, but in my eyes that just gives her more time to flirt with him, and ask for alone time practices so she can "rehearse". I do not feel comfortable with this at all, and I feel hurt that he didn't have the talk with her like he said he was and just briefly said don't send me pictures. And now she feels open enough with him after hanging out till 3am to tell him she thinks hes hot! UGHHHH what do I do!?!? I don't want to be that controlling girlfriend, but I definitely won't be that girlfriend who feels uncomfortable and disrespected and my boyfriend's allowing it!