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Needing Help

Published on January 29, 2014 by vavoom_86

My guy and I've been together (not married)for almost 4yrs but things feel as though we're in that 40yrs of marriage stage where we sit in the sam e room and we dont ever have sex. It's been 9 mons. I've begged, pleaded, and done every sexy thing I can think of and have gotten promises but no action. I've just given up on asking. Only a few wks ago did he notice and act like I was wrong for not paying attention to him when he's ignored me completely. I've just started doing my own thing finding hobbies to keep me occupied. I've also been trying to find friends because for 3 yrs I've not attempted to do so being busy with wrk, home and school. When I've mentioned trying to hang out with people he flips out asking why isn't he enough. I'm fed up with it all. He also expects me to tell him where I'm at every 30mins if I'm away from the house even if I'm at the grocery store. It's irritating and I feel like I'm a teenager with a way overprotective dad. I wanna know how to fix this situation. I love him but I can't deal with the lack of attention,treating me like a child and the crazy stalker stuff.