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Need To move, But Where Do I Go?

Published on August 24, 2013 by travels4me2

Where Do I Go Now?

I need to move and its not a frivolous thing. I am in an area where the weather is both too hot and humid as well as unpredictable a lot. I have some minor disabilities that are being affected by the weather. In addition, as a non-driver I get stuck inside when the weather is bad-our local bus route got cancelled. Not only that, the second closest bus is about a 20 minute walk, not bad when its dry or cooler weather, but not good in rain or heat over 90 degrees. I'm looking for a drier climate, for a home with wood floors, a back yard for my pets and a decent kitchen, washer/dryer and a dish washer, too. Beach access, even if its a reasonable walk, is definitely needed. Ideally, I'd love to live somewhere where there are outdoor markets with fresh fruits and vegetables. And as an artist/creative person, I do need a thriving arts scene.I am hoping to find an area that is not a city, but rather a smaller, friendly community. My thoughts were Australia, New Zealand, The Maritimes in Canada or the UK..Any and all ideas and suggestions accepted as long as they are positive. BTW, I can get around on an adult trike, so a bike friendly area would be wonderful!

Many Thanks, Your Tango friends!