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Need help to reignite the spark with my Ex.

Published on March 11, 2013 by karen marie

After a long break of almost a year me and my ex met. It went really great for me and he said that he wanted to take it slow. I have been suggesting for a second get together and things haven't been working out. Last weekend he asked me for my availability but I hadn't heard from him until I sent him a message last night. He replied back this afternoon saying that he was happy to see me last time but he thinks he felt a lack of a spark. He thought that maybe it was because of the long break and he didn't want to think that its to early or I'm not the one. He isn't sure what it is but he does want to see me again. I asked him if he was emotionally available. His response was it'll have to wait for discussion later and he is to a certain degree.

I have dated like it's my job. I do feel very strongly towards this person and maybe he could be the one for me. What can I do? How can I create something that awakens what he had for me inside (We broke up due to a 3rd party and not diminished feelings)? He liked me because I was kind, carefree and funny. I'd love to have him back into my life.


the only advice I can think of to give is to be got him to fall in love with you before so you can do it again...don't try to hard just be who you are and enjoy yourself when you guys hang out like old times...really hope it all works out....