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Need help losing weight

Published on June 18, 2012 by ms.sexyface2012

Question: One of my personal goals is to lose about 30 to 40 pounds and i am havin the most difficult time tryin to start myself on a diet and be able to get the right foods. I am in search for a fittness center and a personal trainer to help motivate me to lose my ideal weight and i am not trying to pay a whole lot on getting a personal trainer so my question is: Could you give advice on what are the steps or information on a personal trainer and a great nutrionist as well?


My #1 suggestion for you is to First heal the Root of exactly why you are having "the most difficult time tryin to start myself on a diet", because once you do THAT then it will be easy as pie for you to follow through and live a healthy, consistent lifestyle.

Then you'll actually be able to implement the advice from a nutritionist and trainer without any struggle, self-sabotage, or lack of willpower. Then you'll never again say that you're having a hard time starting!

To Your Best Life...IN Your Ideal Body,

JoLynn Braley The F.A.T. Release Coach Founder of The Inner Self Diet™

Weight loss requires a good diet and some exercise. When weight loss is the desired goal, diet is 80% and exercise is 20%. Many people find limiting carbohydrates in a manner similar to a diabetic diet is effective. I invite you to visit our website at for free information about this as well as cooking vidoes where you can learn to prepare delicious low carbohydrate meals at Tova's kitchen. Let us know if there is any other way we may serve you.

I agree - following a diet that is at least inspired by diabetic diets (which are easy to look up information for online) helps a lot. Also, eat smaller meals, but more of them (say 5 meals a day instead of 3). Exercise IS important, as it directly burns calories, but it also boosts your metabolism so you burn more calories than you used to no matter what you're doing. It greatly helps if you can find a friend or two to work out with (it makes the time and work-out pas so much more quickly - you're not just exercising, you're socializing with a friend)