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need dating expert advise

Published on September 26, 2013 by nk999

I am coming from Ashian country and I am 33 yes old : I had curshes but haven’t done any relationship in my past but 2010 I have try online dating site I found a guy from that site but he was studding and working in Europe .We started dating and that I felt very strongly and this was long distance relationship within 5-6 mount time he said he want to see me but : I was little not confident to say come and see me because I was little scared too because honestly if I say come he has to spend the money for ticket to see me only was my problem so I said if you coming for holiday I like to see you too : within 8 – 9 month time he was little changed he was not online and emailing me like previous and I was hart but whaen I ask his he is always do apologizing and sorry , during this time I felt he is dating other girls as well especially one of his sisters friend ( I found that through face book ) but I was little less sensitive and email and send him birthday gifts end of the that year he call me and ask me to find 2-3 places that because he want to talk with me and see me : finally he came but during that time my father was not well ( I am attach to my parents so much n that he knows ) he came to Asia and he call me everyday I explain him that I want to go and see my father then we can meet because both are in different city’s so he agreed but I felt in side he don’t like because he want to see me ( it is very normal I think ) at this period (before he met me and when I say that I want to go home to see my father ) he was telling me he has a friend with has not normal name but that name meaning is one of flower so then he said little about her and ask she is also interested on art and fashion ( the field that I am doing my work ) if that girl like to know something can you help ?because she show some of her work to him so I can’t say anything because I feel I am still in dating stage so I said yes that’s no problem you can give my number if you like ! and next days when we talk I ask him why you didn’t involve with chat , emails like before : l was little worried ( didn’t cry but feel upset little angry ) he suddenly said “ Do you think you are the only one “ I was bit silent and didn’t argue but he said sorry many time : said don’t think too much what he said and I change the topic then quickly finished off that day conversation . next day I went my home but I was so worried he call me many time I didn’t pick up the phone after I come back he want me to decide a place so I have planned date and place : the previous day he was with some of his friends and that friends was so drunk during this moment he was call me but I forgot to swatch off the phone I listen to their conversation bit I was annoyed I text his this is not funny too then he again said sorry and apologize on behalf of his friends next day we met but e also was little upset what happen : very fist meeting day we saw each other and after thatday he fly back ( I know that before because he planned for 2 weeks only )he said he want to discuss things with me : after that I wrote to him he is occasionally mail me: I wrote to him that I also want to see him : but It went yearlong he said he want to come but he didn’t because his sister had a baby so he will be visiting later : I spoke to him very recently he was normally talk to me and he said he is coming to country and said sorry : at the same time I found that other crush ( his sitter’s friend ) did went well and his sister and that friend was fight now they’re not friend anymore but that girl also have interest on him . When I was dating him I clearly said we will discuss and if one of them don’t like that’s ok : becoue I am dating you I want to find a partner if not matching I will not continue this relationship and don’t want to stay like a friend because in my thought it is not right thing too : he was said he admire my thought : also during this period he said about his long term relationship that he had when he was hurtfully ended : and he said he was so suffered because the girl found another boy and she changed : that is true story

My question is what you think on this boy I feel he is doing this he want to not come too closer because if something happen he will be hurt but he has a interest me still I know : Dear reader I need your grat advise what should I do ? do I have to wait til he come ? what do you honestly think about his boy ( he and I same age ) , most of the time I feel that I want to send him a email and breakup but i am I the middle of situation what to do .please give me good advice what to do , I will be very much thankful to you if you could give me wise solution to my problem . Thanks Nk