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Need advice:he has a girlfriend but he says he wants me???

Published on October 6, 2011 by peaches095

My ex has a girlfriend and me and him hang out alot and his girlfriend is cool.....not good for him he came over my house and he was all over and saying he wants me and she dont have to know and things. and he keeps kissing on me and i just cant act like i dont feel nothing for him cuz i do. i'm not da to cheat nor type to cheat WITH someone but, i just want him so bad and i just want to be with him and idk what to do cuz he keep being all over me and i just cant control myself and i dont want anybody to get hurt so what should i do??


If you both want to be together, then he needs to man up and make a decision - and stick to it. It is not fair to you or to her if he continues to be intimate with both of you. And if he were to dump her to be with you again, can you really trust him that he wouldn't secretly be with someone else? Honesty is so important in relationships, so if you plan to be serious with a long-term partnership, then find someone who can be completely honest and open about his actions and intentions.

Trying to have a relationship with someone who has the capability to cheat, and so easily cheats, is setting yourself up for frustration and unhappiness. Picture the look on his girlfriend's face when she finds out what you two have been doing. It's a face full of hurt. That's also going to be the look on your face if you two got back together, and he started screwing around with another girl.

Let your brain override your heart. Cut all communication with him, since you're so lacking in willpower. Find a man worthy of your attention and time. You can have chemistry with many people, and enjoy their affection, but it doesn't mean they are the right person for you. The person you need to look for is someone you have chemistry with, AND he is faithful and worthy of being your long term partner. Get a backbone!

Let me tell you this will not work as long as you have any feelings for him. I had a boyfriend who promised me the world where in fact he was seeing someone else for about 2 1/2 months. He finally ended it not telling me about the "other women" then I found out he had been seeing her and I was hurt upset etc... called him on it and now we are not speaking cause according to him I was out of line. You are only setting yourself up for heartache if you agree to this, because someone will get hurt. Find someone who will be loyal to you and to you only.

You're being used. The more you let him, the more you'll hate yourself. The more you hate yourself, the worse men you will attract. Start learning to say no. Rebuild your self-esteem and confidence. It will be painful and miserable and lonely for a while, but the rewards are fabulous.

I don't want anybody to get hurt so what should I do? Well, what are your options? Cheat or don't cheat. Can you think of any other ways to get around this?