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need advice

Published on November 6, 2010 by lora

Hi , thanks for giving me a chance, i would realy need ur advice, i was dating some one for almost 2 years , i loved hims so very much , i thought that he loves me too as i am . in 2 years time some problem occuer, we were not seen each other for almost 3-6 months (,within in two years,) 2 or three time in two years. now again we fighted for sily reason relation break ,we dont see each other for almost 3 months, but i llove him so much and i dont think i can live with out him. in his last message he told me that he loves me forever. what is ur advice can i send him message that telling him i love him and can not live with out him or this will make him proud , my friends advice me not to do this , but i can not live with out him , please give an advice , how to let him come back to me. i am realy suffering. i appreciate your help. waiting for ur email. Lora


hi lora, my opinion is to not tell him that you love him and that u can't live without him....will make you sound weak and will make him feel better about himself. you shouldn't feel that way and don't be all over him because men don't apppreciate that. if u let go a little then if he does love you he would be the one telling u; he cannot live without you. be strong and confident without putting yourself out there for him if your not sure what his feelings for you are. if he hasn't come back to you is because it's not ment to be. there are men out there who don't go back because they want to have fun but yet they want someone serious to feel loved but in reality men in that case they dont know what they really want.....

Thanks so much for your kind advice , i well understand from your message , if he love me he has to come back to me , that's what most of my friends tell me too, but you know when you love some one you dont think of anything , you just need him to be back for you by any means , but he is very proud of himself , and i can say a type of roud person who doesn't respect my feeling any way i appreciate your advice and i will try to keep my distance and see if he is realy the person who mean what he says. thanks again.