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Need advice , I roke up with my partnern I'm 3 months pregnant

Published on January 2, 2010 by berumennancy

Hi, I am going though a depressing time right now, I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday night we live together, anyways I broke up with him becuz his brother calls him late 5 mins before 12am I don't know what he told him but he said to his brother he was going over to his brother's place.. He told me his brother-in-law was "drunk" and that he was being aggressive with his sister. which I believe it was untrue.. He was previously married before but she lives in another country What I believe she called exactly 12am 5mins before 2010.. I told him I don't believe him, that I think its becuz she called.. He said not true but if it was her its that it was none of my business.. I said WHAT.. Its none of my business.. So he left and I called him to let him know since its none of my business don't come home anymore. So he said ok. He did come he parked the car an hour later but stood in the car for about 5 mins and left.. he left some of his clothes and working stuff, and haven't talked to him since yesterday. Why he hasn't called? I know I had the right to say what I said because my instincts were telling me he wasn't being honest. What do you think will happen next? I mean I love him so much..