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mystery of the Mixed Signals

Published on October 13, 2012 by heatherette

they say that mixed signals only exist because we just really want something to be a certain way so we read into things hoping for something; anything. They also say that people send out mixed signals because of UNCERTAINTY.   Can it ever be a mix of both? (pardon the pun)
What if you have a good guy friend who you wonder if he ever feels anything more for you.  He will be super hot one day and touch you not directly but grazes your hands when you pass him something, "accidently" lets his knees touch yours, looks at you with that intense stare and spark.  Then the next day or few days later, after the hotness, he'll turn aloof and send out cold body language such as keeping his distance, not looking you in the eye, or the looks are darting, and he stops calling or contacting you via electronic means.   How is a girl suppose to understand this behavior?


Don't waste your time on someone with mixed signals. If he was really into you, he'd ask you out. He probably knows you have a crush on him and gets an ego boost from your reaction when he's running hot. If it's a real bf you want, start spending less time with him. Other guys won't approach you if you are hanging with him.

We tend to spend days agonizing over every interaction, every intonation, every nuance to try to make meaning out of what we've experienced. While it can be entertaining, it's not very practical. If he is interested he will let you know through more direct means. If he is playing hot/cold and it is confusing to you, stop trying to create explanations for his behavior, and assume that he is just a good guy friend. If he is conflicted, then he needs to figure things out for himself. If he is truly uncertain, pushing him for certainty will not work in your favor. Turn your attentions to other guys and move forward.