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My wife say to breakup with sibling at home, Please help me?

Published on October 23, 2013 by invisiblesap

I got married a year a go and my family (brother & sister) has good binding relationship with me. Recently, my wife start making Boyfriend which make me insecure and I don't like it and i talk to my wife to stop this and said that i should breakup with brother sisters then she will stop? What should i do? I don't know why she wants this, I am working own and I never take help from siblings, it natural I can't breakup with sibling as it's long relationship. Meanwhile, i don't wanna loose my wife because I love so much. Now I am so confuse what to do, Suffer or stop her?


Is your wife joking around with you or is she serious about ending your close relationship with your siblings? If she is not joking and is serious the only thing I can come up with being a woman as well is maybe she is jealous of your relationship with them. Try including her in the activities or conversations. Maybe cut back on seeing your family to give her more attention as well. Sorry if this isnt what you want to hear. Trying to offer any advice I might have.