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My Wife Got Fat, and It's Gross. What Do I Do?

Published on April 25, 2011 by niceguy69

My wife had our first child a couple of months ago and she got really fat. It is grossing me out. What do I do? I keep telling her she needs to lose weight but she still insists on wearing her maternity jeans. I am not attracted to her anymore and I think I want to hook up with someone else. When we got married she wasnt overweight - I didnt want to marry a fat woman - its not fair.


Well,I feel sorry for you if that's how you feel. You're supposed to love someone for who they are on the inside,not what they look like on the outside. I pray you come to your senses.

Grow up, she just had a baby, give her some time for her body to adjust. You should at this time be supportive of her and your new baby. Think how your actions and your comments are making her feel. This is a suppose to be a joyous time for the both of you and you are acting like a jerky baby!

Ok...what if YOU were the one who have gotten fat (say, you were diagnosed with some diseasse and the medications are making you gain weight that's hard and/or impossible to lose)? Would you expect your wife to still love you the same way? Answer that question to you.

I give this example 'cause my SO has gained over 50 pounds 'cause of medications he's taking due to arthritis. I sitll want him and I still desire him (I still have plenty of sex at least five times a week); he has so many good qualities that I don't care that much about those extra pounds. He has also gotten tons of stretchmarks and his neck has gotten really fat, but still, he takes care of me and he listen; that's way more important (and useful) than a nice body.

Supposed to feel? There is no supposed too but what those feelings really are. Many people cannot stand fat. That is them and they have every right to their values and feelings.