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My relationship is falling apart what do I do

Published on February 25, 2014 by sara4050

I have been with my partner for 4.5 years now and we have two children together. From the very beginning we have had problems that we still fight about 4.5 years later. It started with him being unfaithful, having another relationship at the same time as me for several months, and me finding out by another source, in retaliation I was unfaithful back. I understood after it happened that it was a very immature way of dealing with it, but in my defence I felt like I couldn't forgive him unless I felt guilty about something as well. My love was real and strong and I wasn't ready to let go. We fell pregnant unexpectedly and I went through so much pain during that pregnancy, he broke up with me several times making accusations that the baby wasn't his. I was ready to move forward in our relationship but somehow it kept coming back up and it was like he did no wrong and I was the worst person in the world. He always made me feel unworthy of his love with snide comments every day and refusal to deal with it professionally. It all got too much and I asked for a break, our daughter was 1.5 years old at this point. It took me three months of being alone to realise he was still the one I wanted and the love is still there. So I gave him the option of working things out. He agreed. A few months later I fell pregnant again, this pregnancy was a little better but we still had a lot of arguments about the cheating then about me 'kicking him out' Over and over the same fight. Our daughter is now 5 months old and it's still happening. I've come to realise he can't get over it no matter how hard he tries. He always says he will try new things to move forward but we always end up in the same place. I'm getting tired of putting my everything into this relationship just to be told it's not enough. I've lost who I am and I feel like I'm just sitting around waiting for my life to start. Everything is a competition for him and he is so negative all the time it's bringing me down. Can we comeback from this or are we just trying to force something that isn't meant to be??


What if he's older,stronger,womanizer etc; but you are wiser and more mature? perhaps you lost his trust when you started sleeping around just like him.consider that you are a mother and would not wish for your children to live with single parent at their young ages.remember your sweet moments.. make him trust you..make him love you..bring him back to his kids!

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