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My Relationship

Published on February 8, 2013 by colel1

my girlfriend seems to have lost interest in having sex with me.Her reason being that she is tired.I understand that her job as a nurse can be tiring at times.Should I be worried?


Is she tired (be honest - someone putting in long and stressful hours at work CAN easily be too exhausted for sex), or is she tired of YOU? Pretty much, a long-term couple that has very infrequent sex without some understandable explanation (exhaustion, health issues, stress, etc.) DOES have a problem.

Also, take a long, hard, honest look at yourself and your behavior, and ask yourself if you're hygiene and grooming need improvement, or if you're being a real jerk as of late (in which case, what woman WOULD want to have sex with you?)

My name is Lisa Shield and I am a dating expert on For more inf. visit my website It's one thing to be tired and another thing entirely to have "lost interest in having sex with you." I would think that there is something more going on here. Even if she is tired, the two of you can make a date night for sex. Busy couples do that all the time. My husband and I know that Sunday is our day together and, no matter how busy we are, we love each other so we make time for each other. I reiterate: something else is going on.