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My question is about my love life... i am terribly upset from past 2 years....Its my Ex

Published on September 19, 2013 by maverickme

it has been two years to laugh... i met my ex through a social networking site... he approached me. at that time i was studying.he proposed me directly for marriage and then i crossed all my limits... sometimes i feel i was an idiot.. during relationship i got to know that she had a gf... when i asked him he said she is his past now.. things went smooth but it distorted out when he left after campus placement..he started ignoring me..and then through social networking site i got to know that he is going to marry someone.. between that he was continuously talking to me and fooling around with me.. last june he married someone else of his community.. he never told me that he was about to leave rather promised me to meet me in June... i was in a shock for a year... depressed and dejected... lost my job during this period..i think i lost everything.. my confidence, smile, trusting someone... now he is married and completing his masters with his wife..

why i am surprised is that last July, i got his mail which says "Hi, How are You?" whats does this mean how i am.... am just breathing.. he is enjoying his life and career and asking how i am.. he did not say a single GOOD BYE... thanks to Facebook that i got to know that he is going to marry.... and now he is asking how i am... please show me the good way to live my life...