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My partner has NO sex drive. What to do???

Published on October 6, 2010 by tssadler

She went through early menopause and just stopped wanting to have sex. No kissing, no touching, much less genital sexual activity. We are a sexless couple. I have a very healthy sexual appetite. Recently, I was approached by an old boyfriend who was very assertive in wanting a 'relationship'='sex'.....and I was tempted! I don't want to cheat. I love my girlfriend. We have a GREAT life together. I want a sex life as well.
She has seen her gyno several times and he prescribes hormones she won't take/use. It makes me feel like she doesn't find me attractive anymore. Of course she would deny that. She is 51 and I am 47. I have considered breaking up over it, but I really do love her. I just feel like my sexual needs are not very important....actually ignored.


well thats a bit of problem. you need to talk. very seriously... VERY tell her how you feel, and your doubts, she must understand. if she doesnt.. well im sorry for you. i think if hormones were prescribed they MUST be used. so yeah if she is so irresponsible about her body let it be... some people has to use much more medicine to stay alive, but if she cant drink 1 pil per day then maybe she doesnt want her libido to be like earlier