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My new GF is giving me mixed signals

Published on May 24, 2013 by joegant

I started dating this girl about a month ago and we've been seeing each other twice a week. She is a CPA who works a lot including Saturdays, and goes home late. The first three weeks we couldn't wait to see each other, and texted quite a bit. When we saw each other she was always affectionate and always told me how much she likes me.

I dropped by to see her middle of this week, and she complained about not being ready that day to see me, and that she feels gross because she didn't have time to shower and dress up. I told her that it didn't matter because she is naturally beautiful. Anyways, throughout the night she started telling me how dating is an adjustment for her and how it takes time before she is fully invested into a relationship. However she was still very affectionate with me. I later wrote her and apologized for pushing her, and told her that I would like to do things at her pace.

Since then she hasn't responded, and hasn't been texting very much. While she is usually very busy, it's not like her. My friends are saying that perhaps I'm being too romantic, and too pushy, but I felt like she reciprocated the first three weeks.

Now I don't know what to do. Am I pushing too much when i ask to see her twice a week, considering her busy schedule. I'm afraid to ask her to see me this weekend, and kinda waiting for her to initiate.

What are your thoughts ? What should I do next ? If she felt pushed, why was she very affectionate 10 minutes later?


Well you have a bitter-sweet dilemma. I think you were un-announced at one time and it made her uncomfortable. she could still be reeling from that "ONCE" she got into the moment. Obviously it is going to take her some time to adjust to your spontaneity. I say you sound like a really cool person to be around because CPA have math and figures all day and sometimes they are brain tired and it takes a lot to unwind from that. Be considerate and give her the space to appreciate you and your spontaneity because it appears as if she has other small baggage that has nothing to do with you. I would find other females to tide you over if she takes a few months to get Believe it or not some women just want sex and "see you when I see you". She may think your becoming too attached too soon and she is not ready emotionally for that and thus you have a "flight or fight" mentality. If she is ignoring you then you have to surmise she want to contact you and she is going to tell you what kind of association she wants when she does eventually contact you.