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My male best friend is not talking to me anymore... :( Does he loves me?

Published on October 30, 2010 by xgirl

Hello, My male best friend is not talking to me anymore.. we were friends for almost 2 and half years now. And I really like him now, I think I live him... :( Year ago we got really close to each other. We was video chatting every day. Those days I had a crush on someone, and i used to talk about him with my best friend. One day when I was talking about that guy with him, he told me to go for it and express my love to him. And i said i can't and that i'm not ready to have a relationship with that guy. Then my best friend said "but, I LOVE U!". He do sometimes says that he loves me (as friends). so I also said, yes, me too.. But then he said its not like that and that he needs me and all. I got really confused. i never thought he would say such a thing to me. so when i told him about that, he act as he is really down and he is going to leave me and goodbye.. He act it for sometime and then told me that it was just a joke and that he did it just to see me upset :( . I blamed him for doing that to me. After that he told me like that i have to go for it and ask out my crush. But also, not to think of loving much and if i do i wont be able do any other thing in life. then he said he needs to leave and went. He usually go like that when he is really upset. but also before going he told me "but, i love u sooo much!" I didn't worry about it thereafter. But he got very close to me. he text me every day.. so many times he told me that he misses me... after awhile he got resigned from his job and went to another city to find a new job. He become really silent and didn't reply to texts i send to him. He always told me its because he is busy! Then I got also busy with my studies. He did though helped me with my final year project, with great advises... But, when i finished with my studies he talked to me lot more... Long before when he was still doing his old job he told me one day, that he is alone at home and feels so lonely and need to hug me tight and sleep... then after he said "sorry if i made u feel uncomfortable". But i said., "i don't really think much about those things and i know u so its ok :)" So coming back to current, he started to talk too many things like that with me. He needs to hug me kiss me and sleep with me. But never he asked for sex.

few weeks back forced me to talk about some sensual part in a film. then i told him that "don't think about sex yet u can do it after marring". because thats how i think. then he told me that im very good girl and that he knows i love him a lot cause i advise him, and care for him. also that he like me sooo much!.

Last monday i felt too much for him. i felt that i really love him. I sent him a text message. A love song. I told him that i sent it because i felt it. Then he asked me whether i love him more than friends? I said i don't know and don't scare me... he said ok and ask me to come and sleep with him. all these are text messages.. i felt that i really have to stop this cause im really getting hurt. i told him not to call me my other lovely names just call me by my name and not to talk about kissing and hugging anymore. then, he told me that he is not going to sms me again and bye! i told him sorry so much and even asked him do u love me more than friends? he didn't answer and at the end he said, ok we are good friends so its ok. but i'm trying to contact him ever since , he is not answering anything... :( day before yesterday, he talked and he said that he was not angry. when i asked him why he didn't reply to me and that i was so suffered, he didn't answer me again. i text him yesterday also. he still didn't reply. but, he usually never get angry, rather he stay silence when he is hurt. I don't know what to do about this. and i miss him so much. i still want him in the same way. i'm afraid of loosing him :( my friends are telling me that he loves me.. does he????? And what can i do to make it up to him? I love him so much and i need to care and be there for him. I wish he comes to me... :'( Please give me an advise... Thank you so much...


Well,it sounds to me like you two really love each other,but also sounds to me like he's wanting a sexual relationship as well,and you are right for waiting until your married,that's how it's supposed to be so stick to your guns on that! Don't let anyone try to force you to do something that you know isn't right. Just keep talking to him and being a friend and if this really is the one for you it WILL work out,God will see to it,because in the end He ALWAYS knows what's best. Best of luck and you'll be in my prayers.

Thanx a lot for your reply Carly... Yeah just like you, I believe if I deserve and meant to have anything, i will have it. just yesterday he text me he just said hi. I tried to be normal and asked him how he is doing and whats up? But, I didn't get a reply to that... And yeah, i will stick to the things.. I can wait for long if he comes to me. And I don't think I can ever be with someone again as i was with him. I will never feel like that again...