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My internet dream man

Published on September 8, 2010 by robyn

I finally met him in person after 6 months of texting, sexting and talking. He is cute sexy and sweet. I dont want to screw things up,I am haunted by past bad relationships, how do I proceed . He totally diffrent from all the other men I choose in the past.


i have really bad exp about relaationships. im in perfect relationship now but past made me to not trust men but i got over it... just make sure he is one he says he is... dont get relaxed too quickly (yes im talking about sex), test him, insist to answer trully sincerelly, just give youself timet o find a bunch of reason to trust him.

I don't agree that you should test him. I think you should be yourself around him and let him be himself. Since you know what went wrong in your past relationships, try to learn from them and remember why they went back, what went wrong, and use it as a learning experience to make this relationship better! Good luck!

relax, be yourself. I too met my wonderful sweet sexy man on the internet. It was almost 6 months before we met in person too. During those months we got to know each other. We spent hours and hours talking on yahoo or skype. When we finally met in person it was amazing!!!! Yes we were just a bit nervous but as soon as we kissed hello it just melted away. He too is unlike any other man I have known. But there is this feeling that is so amazing when we are together! We are currently in a LDR and yes there are times when it is unbearable to be apart but we try to see each other ever 10 to 12 weeks. We talk every day, several times either by phone, texting or online. We are honest and respect each other. We have fun getting to know each other in different ways. So just breathe, be positive and enjoy each other.