This is totally inappropriate ! Although you have no solid proof he is cheating he has no reason to disrespect you like this . The last thing you need is for his crap to lead to cheating dont give him any rope just cut his butt off now or pay the price of tears later ....

If your gut is telling you something, there's a reason for it. We often see warning sign behavior long before we find the evidence to back it up but choose to ignore it. While there's no proof that he's cheating, going onto a dating site is a red flag. What is his excuse for going on there? There is honestly no reason at all for him to be doing this.

I am so not on his side, just hear me out. Take a look at your relationship with him. Is there a lack of communication on both of your parts? Is he in a stressful job? Do you also work out of the home? It's hard being the woman, we have a lot to do and only one day in which to do it. Having a husband is like having another child to take care of. When guys aren't getting attention from you, which they do desperatly want and need, then tend to act out in this kind of way. I don't think he's cheated yet, but the thought is there. If an opportunity arose, he might take it. Are you over worked too? Kids around all the time? Do you two ever have time alone, really alone, with each other to talk? Are you being intimate with him? How often? By no means is any of this your fault, it's his inability to communicate with you. But, if you want to be with him, you will have to make the first move to patch the relationship up. Take real time to focus on him and him alone. Don't accuse him of anything, because like you said there is no proof. Try approaching him with something like, "honey, I have noticed you seem a little stressed lately. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help you." Let him know that you are availible to talk with him, value what he has to say. Look at him in the eyes when he is talking to you. Let him say what he needs to say. You need to do it with no other distractions, which might be hard. Like i said, you are not the cause of this issue so if he reacts badly or doesnt want to accept the fact that you are trying then maybe it's best to move on.

If he is cheating or not, it is not okay to look at a singles dating site while married. You two need to sit down and talk through this. Getting counseling might be a good option too.