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Is my husband cheating.

Published on March 5, 2010 by sweetiep39

My husband has a girlfriend who he talks to for long hours five days per week, from the moment he left home for work at 5am in the morning until he is at the door in the evening, she does not call him when he is home or he does not call her either, when i confronted him about the amount of hours he is on the phone with her and what they have to be discussing everyday that would take so much of his time. He said nothing and that she is only a very very good friend and thats she has lot of money and when he is in financial problem she help him out that all nothing about it. PS how i know that he is on the the phone a lot with this girl i check his phone record.


The only woman that your husband should be talking to for long hours and relying for advice on is you, his wife. If your gut feeling is telling you that something is going on.. then it very well could be. As women we tend to pull the cover over our eyes and pretend like we don't see the whole picture. Don't let him just tell you "oh we are just friends, she helps me blah blah blah". Sit him down and tell him how it makes you feel. And that if you were confiding in a male friend how would he react to that. What he is doing is wrong. And not cool at all. Goodluck.

Listen. The answer to this is simple. Have you ever meet this "friend"? becasue any good friend of your husbadns should eb agood friend of yours. plain and simple. the fact that he never talks to ehr at home is a HUGE RED FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fact that this "great friend" gives him money adn you have never meet her, says A LOT.....can you say sugarmama???? I would ask to meet her and if he refuses, he's screwing her. There's no reason why he should not be willing to share the nest part of him (which is you) with his "best bud". are ya hearing me on this one??? if my ole man was talking to some chick i had NEVER MEET everyday.......ummmmm....we'd have issues, big ones. i think u know the answer to this, just needed some back up. girl, handle ur shit!!!