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My guy wants time apart?

Published on April 26, 2013 by jenn123

This guy i have been seeing for about 6 weeks now. Told me today he need time apart from me & to call him monday morning. I asked why & he says he has family business to take care of. He is helping his brother move from another state. I told him that if thats what he wants then the only thing i could say is ok. What do you think of this?


What are you worried about? It is good to have a life, with friends and family and things to do :-) It might mean that he is healthy and close to his family. How did you feel when he said he had something to do? Was that a rejection to you? Mari

Why is he asking for space? He might be losing interest. He might have reconnected with an old girlfriend. He might be panicking and wondering if he should take the relationship to a more serious level. The reason does not matter- only the fact that he has requested time apart. Your only option when your man asks for space is to respect him and grant it. Give him his space, and he might decide he misses you and come back. There are no guarantees. If you act desperate and clingy, you will drive him away, possibly permanently. Whatever you do, do not cry, beg, or plead. Tell him something along these lines, "I have thought about it as well and I think that some time apart will be good for us both." He will be shocked and wonder why you are being so nonchalant. Tell him nothing. Fill up your social calendar with family, friends, hobbies, good causes, travel, and other things you enjoy. Accept dates from other guys- you're not in an exclusive relationship! Stay busy. Use this break to decide whether you really want him. If you meet him by happenstance, act classy and polite. No following him around or checking up on him. If he calls, be friendly. Show warmth and interest but keep the conversations short. Let the bid for reconnection come from him. It will mean so much more that way.