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my guy still loves his ex

Published on November 19, 2013 by dolphingirl300

This is a very minor problem but there is this guy during the summer im 19 hes 21 he was texting me he was so sweet so nice always used to tell me he likes me even when we met on a night out hed be too afraid to kiss me because he was so shy one of the sweetest guys ever he has a group of friends who are kinda popular cocky guys but hes so different anyway we were talking so much and one night i met up with him we talked for ages but i didnt kiss him i dnt know why we really did like each other but i was too shy i guess too then 3 days before hand he hade been writing to me asking to meet up and stuff i said yeah meet me on thursday out all excited and butterflies i couldnt wait to see him then it was like his exs birthday the day before the thursday i went out she was in the bathrooms i said hi to her and she suddenly goes oh ya it was my birthday yesterday and i was like oh where did you go and she said oh i went out for a meal with my fella who was her fella only the guy who hade been texting me etc telling me he likes me i never said anything to her then i was so hurt i wrote to him that night because you see he wasnt out that night i wrote to him upset he apolized etc i was never so hurt before or felt so led on he told me the histiry between him and this girl was so long and compicated and if itd been anyone else he would of loved to be with me anyway we still continued talking weeks later hw would always tell me oh i still really like you its just the history between me and this other gil i was so upset i just wanted to be with him anyway a few weeks ago he text me asking to meetu up persuming he wasnt with her anymore i went out to meet up with him its almost like i wanted him so much i just wanted to mentalblock her out then i found out hes still kinda with her but nothings offical see they go to different colelges and they live 2 hours away from eachother i still but cant help liking him and dont know what to do its really deppressing me all i want to do is be with him