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My guy friend

Published on January 14, 2014 by danese

Does my guy friend have feelings for me?(I will refer to him a guy) Lately I've noticed that guy has been acting strange, like about a month now. He talks to me a lot on Facebook and in school, he's always hugging me and coming really close, and saying things like "which guy would not want to be with a you'' and complimenting me and he teases me a lot(for fun). he also keeps wanting to come to my house but is afraid that my parents would not approve because he knows how they feel with me being around guys. I probably did not mention everything but I just have this feeling that he likes me. oh and I forgot to mention that one tome I was with my friends and he came and stood next to me with his shoulder touching me, and he was shoving me as well so my girlfriends were like "don't touch a girl if you're not with her'' and he replied saying something like they don't know about us or something like that, I'm can't remember exactly what he said. then my friends started teasing me about him. anyways I honestly hope he doesn't not have feelings for me but I cant help but think about it. please help!!