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my girl is in love with other

Published on November 6, 2013 by naveenamberkar

my name is naveen 24 year age i am having a relation wit girl of age 21 since 3 years we were in relationship loved eachother alot but between for some due to misunderstanding we had break up for 5 month we dint contacted eachother in this time of 5 months she become so close with another boy that she is loving him but now i want her back i dont want to miss her when i spoke about this wit my girl she is not accepting to continue relation with me but she want to be as friend i m very confused please suggest me what i should do


Dear Naveenamberkar,

I know this is hard to swallow, but where is the confusion? She told you she is not interested in having a relationship with you other than friendship, and she probably only said that to let you down gently.

You are confusing yourself by telling yourself you still have a chance with her. You may have once had something nice with her, but for whatever reason, it ended. You have not accepted that what was is no longer and will no longer be. Move yourself into a place of acceptance and move on she clearly has. I know it hurts and it's tough, but it's the truth. You will only cause yourself additional pain by hanging onto this.

Good luck.

-YourTango Expert