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my gf texting with her ex

Published on October 16, 2013 by kevin2137

MY gf texting with ex? Hello guys, my gf and i got together about a month ago ... the thing is like 2 weeks ago she started texting with her ex( and she says she is doesnt think he is a good person for her and im much better for her but the thing is he was her first love and she says its more like she wanted things to go right the first time that she thinks she is looking for reasons to get back with him ... though she says she loves me and most likely will be with me ) ... i said it made me uncomfortable for them to text and well she said she would try and keep it to a minimum,... however afterwards ... she told me she flirted via text with him and felt the need to tell me .

well i got upset about it and said if she wouldnt stop it i would end this relationship, she said she would stop the flirting that i mean to much to her ...

Now she says she will try and keep it at a friendship level ... but it still bothers me ._.

please help me what should i do ?

i really love her and she loves me but this is killing me up inside We have told each other everything there is to know about one another :) btw guys update she said she would tell me till 23this month ( day which she comes to stay at my home for a few days ) for sure who she wants to be with ... but she says its probably gonna be me ..

And i asked her to stop texting with him if she decided for me ... and she agreed :)