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My GF says almost every time i kiss her my sliva always gets on her lips.

Published on October 1, 2010 by jake

K so when i kiss her my sliva gets on her lips and she hates it even when its just a peek almost i dont know what im doing wrong. some days when i do kiss her its fine but not all the time i need some advice.


There's very little chance of not getting any saliva on your girlfriend's mouth; it's just something that's going to happen. I'm not sure why it only bothers her sometimes. The best thing to do is to ask her why it sometimes bothers her that your saliva gets on her mouth, and to be truthful about it (something like this isn't that big of a deal so there isn't any need to beat around the bush, etc.). It's possible that that's the only thing she could think of to say b/c she couldn't bring herself to say what was really bothering her.