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My friend with benefits has backed off will he come back?

Published on July 1, 2010 by westindiangurl18

I've been seeing my bestfriends brother the last 10 months. We're more like friends with benefits but we both care for eachother. I am 18 but I did know him for at least 6 years. We never acted on anything until this may. M y parents think we had sexual relations when i was 17 but thats not true. We did talk and txt bac and forth when i was 17 but never had any sexual relation. Now hes backed off because my mother threatned to have him locked up. Will he come back into my life again?


Hi, westindiangurl18~

This is Cindy answering. I'm not a psychic so I can't predict the future, but I can say that I think it may be wise on his part to back off until you are of legal age. There are laws in most states so that a young man of over 18 years old can not be with a girl less than that age, and it can get him into a lot of trouble. Each state is different but usually it's the case when a guy is a senior and the girl is a freshman and the girl's parents don't like the guy--they can call the police and he could get a record. So for now it may be smart for him to back off.