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My former boss

Published on July 12, 2012 by littkeklakken

My former boss and I have known each other for 3.5 years and he and I have developed a non-sexual relationship. He is no longer my boss and has moved out of state. The complication is he is currently married. He wants to have more now. I am reluctant as he is married but is getting divorced from his wife and when is the question. He and I are very compatible and we both know the physical part of a relationship between us would be out of this world. Any thoughts?


Wait until he is actually divorced! I could spend the rest of the day listing off reasons to wait. If he is really getting a divorce, then waiting a couple months shouldn't change the way you say the two of you feel about each other. If he is just "planning" to divorce his wife and wants you on the side, he is a player. The only two people who are going to get hurt will be you and his wife.

If he's divorcing his wife to get together with you, run away - you don't want him. If he'll dump his wife for you, he'll dump you for the next woman that comes along.

If his divorce truly has nothing to do with your friendship, I go even further than Devon - wait a full year before stepping up your relationship with him. I'm old enough that many friends and coworkers have experienced divorces. They say the automatic assumption will be that anyone you begin dating within one year of your divorce is the home-wrecker that caused your divorce. You don't want your new relationship to begin under that stigma.