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My fiancee always puts his sister before me

Published on September 6, 2010 by stylist01

My fiancee who Ive been dating for about a year always puts his sister before me. She is 6 years younger than him. Everytime there is a family function he spends all his time catering to her. He opens her car door and leaves me standing. He puts his arm around her and rubs her neck, gets her food plate and even makes food for cookouts that I dont like, but she does. They always exchange stares and winks, which makes me uncomfortible. It seems like he goes out of his way for her when she is around. When it is just me and him he caters to me and constantly tells me how much he loves me and cant live without me.Ive told him in the past how his actions with his sister makes me feel. And its me cause I just dont understand their bond. I need suggestions on what to say to him. I dont want to hurt his feelings. And he said his ex wife also had an issue with him and his sister.


Hi Stylist01,

There is a problem here and you need to get him to address it. If he had this problem with his previous spouse and now you, then he may have a problem responding to your needs. If you tell him this bothers you, than he should address it and explain the situation. If he does not, I think there is something more to consider. I also think that you must realize that this is his sister and he had spent more time with her than he has with you or any other woman other than his mother. Perhaps there is a reason for this that he does want to tell you. If this is the case, you might consider a conversation with his sister. You may be surprised to hear how honest she is with you.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.

I'm sorry, but this relationship between brother and sister sounds straight up WEIRD. Staring, winking and back rubs?? What in the world?! Yeah, it is his sister, but I have never seen two siblings give back rubs and wink at each other. You should feel uncomfortable. Get out of this situation!!!

This is too weird and maybe it's time to move on. Adult siblings don't give back rubs to each other and brother is opening car doors for sister but not fiance???? That is JACKED UP!