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my fiance has bad eating habits

Published on November 19, 2012 by mrmr555

dear sir; i would like to ask if my fiance make sounds during eating how can i tell him without hurting him provided that i told him in indirect way but still doing the same thing


It will be tough for you to tell him without it coming across as nagging. I would suggest a sneaky approach to make sure he gets the message from someone else. Tell him you want everything to come off absolutely perfect at your wedding, so you've signed the two of you up for some dancing lessons and some formal etiquette/charm school classes. He should be much more amenable to being told, "Keep your mouth closed and don't make noises while you're eating" from a person professionally coaching him on the finer points of refined behavior (after all, this IS what you two are paying the coach for - it'd be kind of stupid to pay good money, then ignore the professional advice you just bought.)

Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. I got my husband to hold a knife correctly rather than using his fingers and to slow down the pace eating. (He is the oldest of five younger siblings and his mother never issued knives to the kids. The first one to clear the plat got their choice of yummy seconds rather than undesirable dishes. Sometimes he slips but he is so much better. This year we started ballroom dance lessons at the local athletic center. Baby steps my friend. ;-)