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My feelings have changed in my relationship not sure it's what I want any more. What should I do?

Published on May 7, 2010 by

I have been with him for 3yrs. We started dating and I ended up pregnant. I explained to him when we first began i wanted to get married. We ended up having a still born but I still loved him to death. We have talked about getting married but it seems like his feelings had changed regarding it. He began to bring up things he thought I needed to fix. I was so into him I never saw in flaws in him. I know that I need to lose some weight but he brings up to me what other women are eating at work. He wants me to cook his favorite foods and he brings up what other girls has told him they are cooking while they are at work so to me he is trying to compare me to the other women. I'm a college student, a mother of two and CNA and I run my own toy party business. Now it seems that I'm not feeling the relationship like I use to know he is feeling how I use to feel on cloud 9. Not sure about these feelings. Sometimes I feel as if I want to end it but not sure. We both have been distant these last few days and he is out a lot more. I'm so confused.