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My ex is still into me...and I like it!!!

Published on October 3, 2010 by danay

So my ex is an artist of all sorts, and one thing he also does is tattoos. I wanted one on my back and since we're still friends he did it for me for cheap. It was done in two installments. The first time he came he brought an assistant...who was a chick...she didn't do much but it was almost as if he didn't want to be alone with me. Then he finished it yesterday. No assistant. He told me that they were seeing each other (which I gathered) and that she hated me, (while she was very nice to me while she was here) she said all kinds of typical jealous hater things. So he made a few comments, gave me a few compliments, stayed a little while and then.....we kissed. He says that I put a spell on him and he can't even be in the same room with me. So all of this is really good for my ego, and I am technically single for the moment. Is it awful that I kissed him a little while and that the whole thing was kind of a rush?? He said he hopes things don't work out with the other guy I am seeing so that he has a chance to win me back.

So...3 weeks ago my love life status was "in a word...NADA" Now I have 2, possible 3 interested. WTF


So here is a man who has a girlfriend, and doesn't have the ethics to be faithful to her, since he kissed you. Therefore, if you became his girlfriend again, what makes you think his ethics would change? He would be kissing some other girl. Do you deserve that?

You mustn't be into the guy you're dating now. If you were, you wouldn't want to be kissing another man. I believe in treating someone the way I want to be treated. I don't stay in contact with exes. There is a reason they are in my past, and that's where they belong. I don't want my boyfriend to stay friends with exes, so I don't do that to him either.

So my advice is to cut contact with this cheater and seek out someone who is incapable of cheating--someone who meets all of your main needs.

No no no... since the time when she came with him to my house they weren't even dating anymore. He was 100% single...he said he wouldn't have come alone if he was taken because he worried about being alone with me...he was single...we both were.

I don't know what your relationship with your ex was like, but I'm thinking it was a semi-good break up, since you kissed him again. When this happened to me, the guy in question treated me really horribly throughout the relationship, and he contacted me again a few months after I broke things off with him, and saying I was the best thing that ever happened to him. I told him I was seeing other people and although I still cared about him (we had dated for 9 months or so), our relationship wasn't healthy and I won't consider getting into it again. Then he said, "Well, then can we just hook up?" That's when I replied that with that question it was obvious that he didn't respect me or the boundries I set forth, just like in the relationship, that he very well HADN'T changed, and asked him to stop contacting me. Anyway, what I'm saying is if he can't respect you and your decision to date other people, and won't offer to take you out on a date to see where things could go, and kind of ambushes you while you're in an awkward situation (he was doing you a favor by discounting your tattoo, and as my boyfriend is a tattoo artist as well, I know this means something), it sends up red flags for me. Just my opinion.