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My ex & I.....

Published on January 5, 2012 by jdun786

My exboyfriend and I broke up like two months ago but we still have sex, I still spend the night from time to time, he still tells me he loves me and vice versa, and he is very jealous when I talk to or text another man but we are not together and we both agreed that its best if we arent together!! Im confused and my feelings are starting to return.....What does this mean??? Should I leave him alone all together or what!?


How do you think you're going to get over someone when you're having sex with him and communicating with him every day? Tell him for closure, that you two will no longer see each other or communicate with each other. This frees you both up to find someone you're compatible with. Leave your past in the past, where it belongs. It's hard, but life is hard. It's not a fairy tale.

Why are you still spending the night at his house? This is why you are confused. Your ex thinks he has a say with you talking to other men because you are still giving him the time of day. Your also confused because he's jealous. Does he think that your still interested in anyway? Or is he interested? Guys like to claim their territory and when it comes to woman if they think they have you, they will take it and run away with it to see how far he can go.