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My ex I have had enough:

Published on April 6, 2012 by ladyt_50

Me and my ex broke up last August  remained friends well he would stay on weekends sometimes during the week he is separated and has 6 kids I am a single mother of an 19 year old special needs daughter I broke up with him because he was to demanding well March 9th I ended our friendship at the time he had been staying with me due to his ex wife and other kids staying with their oldest daughter their heat and lights got cut off, he lives with the oldest daughter.


His family is wild and loud like drama and like to start things his brother is my nieghbor and believe me we all wish he would move away he lives downstairs with his girlfriend I am nothing like them brother put  us together now last Saturday down his brothers calls me he was tipsy wanted to sleep it off I said okay well way later calls me I went online 2 weeks ago and there are a few intersted in me well he I had noticed at times would wont to kiss me or get very close and when he called me I would not try to come to him or real close.


He asked I think why I do like I do when he tries to kiss me  I did not wont to tell him I said I was working on something what another man I said nothing boy he got mad and fussed all the way out the door now he cannot let go for one he is jealous and posssesive he  is still callign and at times be blowing up my cellphone I am in the process of changing my number, now I will admit I make my mistakes to answering the phone and when he comes I let him in.

Now my older neighbor next door has heard him say he was going to set me up once and heard him talking about me I still after 3 weeks get tense thinking about that his brother comes other morning got me upset call our landlord let her know what is going on because something before I get evicted well I called her he has a few things here she told me to let him come in and get them but should he get silly have to call the police.

She asked on yesterday when I called about my washing machine being broke she asked had he came and got the things I told her now he came by after she had called leaves calls I should of not answered he goes why was I threatning him to get his things I said I am not doing that yes I was the police would say I was like I told him you are to worried about what the nieghbors will say and people need to mind there own businees all up in the koolaid  do not know the flavor his brother is to me the only nosy neighbor.


Now its only a comfortor  and 2 pairs of shoes and I let him have a television of mine which I cannot sat out now he lied again today and did not come he cannot drive he needs another person the televison and a car now part of me wont's to sat his things out during the day cover up and then bring in at night he has said somebody steal his shoes I am going to pay for them but I do not wont to make him go stupid you never know when he may be drunk and I have new neighbors under me he has a nasty mouth when he gets mad.


All I need my nieghbors to hear b this God knows what else and its going to take me not to lose it to his brother is two faced and he along with my older nieghbor made a complaint against him but no he aint told him we are to get letters not my ex brother wont's I think the landlord to bar him from here again he started this last year when we tried to leave together I know that is why he did not get on the lease last year because of him so how do I handle this 


I will admit that I didn't read this whole thing. From what I did read, you have a crazy ex and his brother is your neighbor?? Ok. If so, change your number and do not answer the door when he comes over. Drop his things off at his brother's place. He can get it from there. If you need a witness, have the landlord there with you. Other than that, cut off all ties and move on with your life. Distance yourself from his family as well. Good luck.