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my ex girlfreind goin out with my little cousin but i still love her and want her back

Published on April 8, 2014 by zekee95100

okay im only 15 years in high school old and i still love my ex girlfriend but she hates me so much... we broke up 5 month ago and only been together for 4 month ... the reason she hate me because im annoying her and i be lieing about stuff but i try to change for her but it not easy but she no better because when we was goin out she was flirting with my little cousin that only 12 years old and she 15 ... she be telling my cousin that we dont go out and she love him so my cousin start goin out with my ex girlfriend and she was goin out with me at the same time.. after 1 month my ex girlfriend break up with me and i ask why?? ... she said that she dont want to be dating right now but she was lieing because she break up with me because she only want to go out with my little cousin ... after i find out i was REALLY MAD but i felt like killing her and i hate her so mush .. she was always lieing to me when we was going out and now she fell in love with a 12 year old that my cousin when she 15 years old .... my cousin told me that he love her and she love him back and she told everyone that they happy in love and she dont even talk to me at all .. ever time i try to talk to her she say leave me alone and if i dont leave her alone she yell at me i hate u and walk away .. but even tho she cause me alot a pain in my heart i still love her a lot i cant stop thinkin of her and every time i try to forget about her, i keep seeing her around school and she me go to the same church and i keep seeing her around church too and my sister and her best friends so i be seeing her in my house talking to my sister so it hard to forget about her .. people keep tellin me to forget about her but it easy to say but NOT DO ... i get jealous of my cousin because they be kissing and huging and every time i hang with my cousin when she come in the room she smile at my cousin but when she look at me her eyes as no feeling in them ... she dont care about me and she hates me and people tell me that i will never get her back because she in love with my cousin ... but im still trying to win her back but it not eady because every time i try to talk to her she walk away and every time i try to text her she never text back my phone ... she block me facebook already so i can only text her phone but she never text back ... i still love her deeply and i miss her so mush i just feel like dying but she dont want me back and I don't hate her for not loving me anymore, but I hate myself for still loving her so mush ... well The annoying thing about someone breaking your heart is the fact that you still love them even tho she leave me for my cosin and now she hate me but i love her and im jealous of my cousin .. both of them in love and im jealous .. i cant win her back because she wont talk to me and even if i keeo my self busy with something she always on my mind so PLEASE HELP ME!!?


As a Your Tango Expert, there are many people who get in situations such as yours. While there are more things to explore, here are a few key questions to look at:

  • you say that you love her - is this about you or about her?

  • you have made some strongly negative statements about her - what would you be like with her?

  • are you mad at yourself or your cousin? how does jealousy factor in?

It seems that those who are advising you that you have things to work on could be correct. You might want to go to a counselor/therapist who is used to working with people of your age. In New York, my practice ( has people who would be able to work with you but there are people in most communities. You can find peace and wholeness if you are willing to do the work that you need to do. After doing the work, you will be able to move into healthy relationships.

im not mad at my cousin ... maybe a little but i still talk with my cousin and all but im really mad at my ex girlfriend and at myself because i might did something wrong but i still love her but at the same time i hate her ... it like i dont want her back but i dont want any other boy to have her so that make me want her back .... and if im with her again ... i treat her better and TRY to forget about the pain she gave me and it about me