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My ex boyfriend left me & i don't know what to do?

Published on September 1, 2010 by rosiiecheekz

I'm very sorry..this question might be very long..My ex just broke up with me..a week ago..btw we were in a long distance relationship..he lives in the states & i live in the beginning of that week everything was fine..then wednesday he did something strange..he wouldn't reply to my txts or calls..thursday & friday it was the same problem..i thought something had happened to i was very worried..saturday night before i went to bed i decided to call one last time & if he didn't pick up i was going to call his family to see if he was okay..luckily he picked up..he then told me he wanted to take a break..& i asked him why..but he wouldn't give me a straight answer..we had this rule that if either of us wanted to take a break the other person had to i told him that..& he started to get frustrated..then he quickly changed his plan..& said im breaking up with you..of course i got i asked him why..he was saying things like "you don't make me happy..i don't get to spend time with my friends & don't enjoy the same things as me..this relationship is stressful..& i can't do the long distance thing anymore" ..& to me i just thought it was ridiculous because he had blown me of the past weekend to spend time with his entire family for two days even though we had made plans to hang out beforehand..& he lives with his best friends..& their always hanging out in his house..also when he said i don't enjoy the same things as made me angry because he loves to play video i had purchased star craft so i could play with him & understand why he loves that game..all in all he was giving me excuses not that point i started to beg him to give me one day so that we could talk this out properly & if our problems weren't fixable then i would let him go..he told me there was nothing to talk out..& that if he talked this out i would somehow convince him to stay with me..& then he told me he had to go..he was in front of his grandmothers house & that this would be the last time i heard from that point i was crying & begging him to just talk this out with me properly not when he was busy doing something else..he hung up on me..& since then i haven't heard from him..the days that followed..he deleted me off every social networking site there is..facebook blocked & deleted..he got rid of me off his friends list for both xbox & star craft..& skype..i haven't called or txt'd him since because i am afraid he will not pick up or do something worse & block my number..& everyday that goes by im slowly getting more & more best friends & siblings are telling me that he's selfish & immature..& that i should stop holding on & just move on with my life..but i love him with all my heart & i am willing to work out our problems because they are hurts me that he's shut me out of his life..i was his longest relationship because we had been dating for 2 years & his most serious..when we first met he was doing fine..but a couple of months later his dad kicked him out of his house because he wasn't doing anything with his life..that's when he started to live with his best for most of our relationship his two best friends were always around..he didn't have high school done & was taking class's online to get it i helped him whenever i could if he didn't understand something or when he wasn't focusing on his work i would get him back on track..he also had to get a job for the first time to pay for i made his resume for him..& he got a few jobs here & there but he was having a hard time holding a job..once he started running out of money he asked his dad for help & his dad said he would pay for rent but he needed to see alot done as far as school..i was getting worried so i did most of his school work for him..finally after he finished the last 3 essays that were left he was done..he was very happy & so was i.because his situation had taken a toll on our relationship..because he was always tense or depressed..he said that he was very grateful that i helped him because without me he wouldn't have been able to do it himself..& i was just happy that i could help him in some way...I am also the girl he lost his virginity too..& i am the only girlfriend that he has introduced to his means alot to the both of i tried very hard to maintain good relationships with his family...his previous girlfriends had never gotten him gifts for christmas or his birthday & he told me it meant alot that i would buy him gifts for those occasions..every single one of his ex's he never felt the need to delete them off facebook & most of them he ended on good terms & still keep in contact with a few of them..i dont understand why he is being so heartless & cruel to me..because the year before he also broke up with me..because he said he wasn't able to make me happy..& an entire month went by & he didn't call & i ended up being the one to call & fix it & we got back together..i am scared that i am going to lose him forever..& that night is going to be the last time we ever talk..i just want to talk out properly what's wrong..or at least get some closure