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my ex and my best friend

Published on April 15, 2013 by wounded_child

So my ex has been living with me for a couple months because he broke up with his girlfriend and he fell on hard times. my best friend and I have been talking about getting together but he does not like my ex boyfriend. I have not told him about my ex living with me because although I do care about my best friend it seems irrelevant to let him know that my ex is staying there. I have moved on from my ex but I have a fear that my best friend will not accept the fact that I let him into my home. how do I tell my best friend or how do I make the situation better?


Acts of charity do not need to be shared with people. Its like don't have to tell when you donate to the Red Cross or another agency you believe. When you invest into another persons life that is a beautiful act that shouldn't be judged by others who may not be sensitive to the situation, because it could be anyone. whatever we put out into the universe comes back to us , and you have done a really nice thing. I would keep it to myself because you don't need to hear your friends mouth when you have faith and hope for your ex's well being.

If your best friend doesn't approve of your charity to help a friend regardless if its your ex, maybe you should consider not getting with the best friend at all.