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my ex and i still care about each other but dont want a relationship, is it ok to be friends?

Published on April 6, 2010 by rachelx54

My ex and i broke up about 2 weeks ago and it had been really hard on him and he recently tried coming back to me convincing me he was wrong and still loved me. the only problem was that he was trying to convince himself he still loved me when he really doesnt because he never wants to lose me. So once again he hurt me because he said he wanted to try again and work on the relationship but then took it back because as much as he wanted to be with me he just cant. I still care about him a lot and think that some say we may get back together. He wants to be friends and still hang out this summer because we really are important in each others lives. We learned a lot with one another and as people we care about each there and he said if i need anything he will always be there for me and even said that yes if feelings start to come back maybe it was meant to be but as of now us being together wont work. He always said that he will never find someone like me or someone who cared for him as much as i did because he cant see himself letting anyone get as close to him as he let me because he knows he will mess it up. I think he will have other girlfriends but i want to be his friend and be there to remind him that he has to be careful and remind him of what he went through with me and how much i meant to him. He told me that i will find someone better than him but i will always remember him because he was my first love. I wasnt ready to let us go but maybe it was time for us. I want our friendship to work, i want to see other people and so does he but he isnt capable of letting people in or getting to close to him because he pushes people away and no one else will fight for him like i did and he knows that. What should i do? im still getting over the fact that our relationship is over but does that mean that our friendship has to end too?


I think you should take a break from trying to be friends for right now. In order to build a friendship, you both need time to yourselves to get over the relationship. Don't worry about him or trying to be friends with him right now. Take time to yourself to heal and get over him. Find someone else and start dating again. Then maybe in time down the road you can work on trying to be friends again.