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is my boyfrind still in love with his ex?

Published on March 4, 2010 by mw2010

in the begining of our relationship he would always say cute things to me and made sure to make me feel special, that is until his ex started talking to him again. i told him that it bugged me he was talking to her especially because she was saying she still loved him and couldnt stand that he was with someone else (me).... so he said he would stop talking to her until i caught him texting her in the middle of the night when he thought i was asleep and i asked him why he would do that behinf my back? why he HAD to talk to her? and he said he didn't want to be an ass to HER and hurt HER feelings, completely disregarding my feelings


Just to give you a little FYI get out of that soon to be a 3 way releationship, it will never get any better, the reason being he is already texting in the middle of the night then later on it will become something a little more unpleasant and more sneaky and so-on so just do yourself a REALLY BIG FAVOR and get out now, before you get anymore push into an unwanted 3 way releationship. Trust me been their done that and it is no fun at all did it for 3 unwanted years and everytime I trusted him not to be sneakying around with his ex he would sneak even more, so I had to let him go because I'm not built like that, for that type of abusive behavior.

Cassy is right. This guy not only has no regard or care for you feelings, he clearly doesn't respect you either. You already caught him in a lie where he told you he would stop talking to her but then continued behind your back. Now you know you can't trust him and it's only a matter of time before he starts cheating if he isn't already.