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Give Advice - He Has a Small Penis

Published on May 9, 2009 by kissamekoons

My boyfriends penis is too small and Im turned off. He has a small cock and I cant even feel it when he is inside me. I love him very much. We make love with my feet in the air for him to stay in. Im not happy. How do you guys if they have small penises and dont turn you on. Weight is also an issue.


are you kidding me, you say its a turn off for you?....then leave the relationship! you cannot change that issue or LEARN to deal with know what you like and dont like, so why stay in the relationship when you allready know that HIS penis size is not working for is not like its going to GROW!

you shouldn't have waited too long. I'm sure you noticed that the first time you had sex with him. You should have left him then. If you don't feel comfortable right now, believe me that won't change, and you will be misserable for too long. Good luck

If he loses weight, his penis may be bigger since some of it may be hidden now by his belly, although you may not want to say this directly to him. You could try to get him to exercise or move more or eat better food. You could try exercising with him or going dancing or joining a softball team, whatever you guys enjoy. Even just walking more can help. Food is harder if you don't live together, but you can give him healthy food whenever you have the chance.

This website has some positions to try for shorter penises, including from behind. They also suggest doing a lot of foreplay, which is something you could ask for without talking about his size.

There are things you can buy called penis extensions, if you can figure out a tactful way to suggest it. Or you could see if a French tickler helps. You can probably find them for sale all over the web or at adult stores.

I think you should tell him that your vagina is way too stretched for his penis, and blame it on foreign objects inserted in past....that way he will not feel bad for his tiny little wee wee and you can go your way without offending him

I went from having a boyfriend with a very big penis to one with a not so impressive one, it wasnt tiny, but not what i was used to. At the start i wasnt turned on by it or enjoyed having sex with him but now im used to it i love having sex with him and it feels so much better as we try new things all the time, try bringing a vibrator into your sex seshions too, its a lot of fun. But good luck in whatever you do, and about the weight thing...just try to get him to do more sports and cook good meals for him, itll be a slow process but hopefully youll see the change soon enough, if youre still not happy you will just have to leave him, as you cant stay in an unhappy relationship x