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My boyfriends family is controlling and crazy!!

Published on April 1, 2014 by highschoolsweethearts6712

My boyfriend and i have been dating for almost 2 years in June. We are both also almost 18. He lives with his grandma and aunt because his mom lives far away with his stepdad that he fights with all the time. Let me start from the beginning- At the start of our relationship we were ALWAYS allowed to hang out with eachother and we saw one another just about every single day. Suddenly a little after we were dating for a year and i got a car(which shouldn't make any difference) we were only allowed to see eachother less and less... He is a football player and a wrestler so everyday after school he does have practice, but, he gets out between 4-6 which leaves plenty of time to hang out afterwards right? Wrong... his grandma always has to find chores for him to do around the house in order for him to hang out so those chores, which are RIDICULOUS chores like cleaning the camper, sweeping leaves, washing the outside of the house, take him about the rest of the day so i end up not being able to see him... so you think okay i can see him on the weekends, wrong again. Every other weekend the wrestling team takes trips out of state that last sometimes as long as 4 days(thurs,fri,sat,sun) so i dont get to see him at all during the weekend. Other weekends he may have to work with his uncle or do some more chores. I dont understand why it is so dang hard for us to hang out when we used to be able to ALLLL the time...? Ive asked them if i had done something or if they dont like me and they always say that they LOVE me and that im good for my boyfriend, but i dont feel that way... i feel like they dont like me. Ive heard that his grandmother has said that she would never put up with a girlfriend... his family is also a family where all of the women had children very young and got in a lot of trouble. i feel like maybe they think we are going to get in trouble when that is not the case. My boyfriend and i have not had sex, we dont do drugs, and we dont drink. Honestly when we hang out(when we get to) we play board games, do puzzles and watch movies. We are the most childish young adults lol but thats why we love eachother because we can have fun doing nothing. Does his family think that we are going to make the same mistakes they did? Do they not like me? Are they just afraid of losing their grandchild/nepthew? Which that doesn't make sense though because he has 2 older brothers that are WAAAAY worse than him and they dont care what they do? also he has 2 younger brothers and 3 younger cousins that his family can worry about... why control my boyfriends life and make so many strict rules for him? I dont understand... please help me! what should i do!?


My suggestion would be to just ask. Don't be defensive, but ask your parents why they seem to be keeping you from each other. And have your boyfriend do the same. The answers might surprise you. And by acting like an adult you might inspire more confidence with your families.