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My boyfriend won't have sex with me

Published on September 4, 2013 by denyelll

I've been with my boyfriend for 7 months now and in the 7 months we've had sex probably 15 times no more then 20 though . When we have sex, it's amazing . One of the best partners I have ever had . But we don't have sex often , I'm lucky to get some twice a month . When we first got together we were more active an as the relationship went on it started happening less and less . There was a point where he made me wait a month and a half . For me, this is a huge problem . For one, I've never been in a relationship that didn't involve sex on a regular basis . For two, I am in love with him and our relationship is great besides this flaw . For three, I strongly believe sex is a extremely important part of any healthy relationship and I feel like we're missing out on this amazing part of our relationship . He has SO many excuses for why he doesn't wanna have sex . Many times its been because he's in pain (he has a nerve injury in his back hip and leg) and physically can't . He's also told me once a few months back that he isn't interested in sex anymore now that he's older and the only time he's interested is when I turn him on or give him oral, so I do everything I know he likes and try to give him oral but he'll stop me and telling me no . Other times he's not in the mood . And sometimes he says he only wants to have sex when he's been drinking cause he "can't build up enough stamina and will finish within a few minutes". Quite frankly, I'm tired of the excuses and I'm tired of being deprived . I love him and I know that he loved me the same if not more , so I'm not going to go get my sexual needs from anybody else . I also know that it's not me and how I preform in bed because I know that I'm really quite good and exciting in bed . I really need this part of our relationship to change cause its driving me crazy ! Honestly I get depressed and have even started crying because he won't have sex with me . I don't know what to do anymore so I'm looking for advice. Help me!