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My boyfriend is withdrawing from me!

Published on September 8, 2010 by hkj8297

Last year I met this guy through a mutual friend, we quickly became friends sharing and giving advice to one another and talking about things. As time progressed, we both realized how much we actually had in common with one another and our friendship started to turn into more. After talking (every day, all day -- there was NEVER a dull moment in our conversations) for five months we decided to make things "official" and get into a relationship. Things were still great however, we still talked all the time and told each other everything (he considered me his best friend) and we both thoroughly enjoyed the time that we spent together. Over the past month however things have changed. I guess that after being together for some time now, I've started to expect more out of our relationship than what I have been getting which leads to petty arguments all the time and now I feel as if he's withdrawing from me. I rarely see him, our conversations aren't as often and are boring when we do talk, lots of arguments occur, and I just feel as though he's losing interest. I guess the pressure that I have put on our relationship has made him become this way, but am I really wrong for wanting things to progress some? I'm not quite sure what exactly I'm supposed to do anymore, but it seems as if when I try to talk to him about things (in general) he's just not as open anymore. He says that he's tired of arguing but that he wants to be with me moreso than he doesn't although with the way things have been going there are times when he doesn't. My question is what do I do? How do I make it work again? or should I even try? I take our relationship more serious than he does and just wanted some type of progression and when I didn't get that I started to bitchfit about things. Do I try and make it work and if so, how? I want things to go back to the way they were or Do I let it go knowing that I want more out of our relationship than what he's willing to give right now which is causing our problems? Please give me your advice people.


Show him, you have to give to receive. guys don't have to be the first ones to make a move. He also might want to give you more but doesn't know how or what else to do. Stressing him out is not the right way to get what you want. Going out of the box might give him an idea of what you want.