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my boyfriend wants to be Fiends wtth ex gf

Published on November 1, 2012 by sherri_78

I recently made my boyfriend choose between having a friendship with his ex and me. he chose me buthe is always upset now because he cant speak to her but he said he'll get over it and that he loves me more then anything.. but i feel bad because i dont want to be a controlling bitch but at the same time a friendship with a jealous ex is a big no no for me! i dont know what to do so we can be happy again ..!? Please help


You shouldn't have even had to "force him" to choose. He is now manipulating you into making him the victim. Why did he have to choose in the first place? Probably becasue you were uncomfortable with their friendship. And if you were uncomfortable with their friendship, chances are there was some real reason. So don't let him manipulate you... Been there, done that, not letting it happen to me again either