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my boyfriend thinks im cheating on him

Published on February 8, 2013 by brandi

My boyfriend thinks im cheating on him cause he heard from one of his friends that I have been cheating on him with my ex. And my ex is related to my boyfriends friend so my boyfriend believes him cause they are related and I never cheated on him and he went through all my stuff and found a letter that was for him and thinks I wrote it to my ex when I didn't. He thinks that everytime im on my phone im texting him when im not I let him have my phone all the time I have nothing to hide. And he went through my stuff again and found a really old memory card of me and my ex together which I havent used or seen in like 2 years I forgot I had it so he really thinks im cheating on him. I dont no what to do. It seems like he believes them but then doesnt but hes willing to be with me even when he thinks im cheating on him so I dont get it?


I'm in the same boat, My man thinks I cheated with my friend from fb. I don't get it wot u they would stay around then. To me it's cuz they r out there or wanna be out there.

I'm in the same boat, My man thinks I cheated with my friend from fb. I don't get it wot u they would stay around then. To me it's cuz they r out there or wanna be out there.

It sounds like the trust is totally gone from your relationship. I don't know why someone thinks you cheated on your boyfriend, or why he chose to believe it, but his behavior has progressed to paranoia, and he never WILL believe you again. Pull the plug on this irretrievably poisoned relationship and get a fresh start with someone new.

I agree with is more than likely time to pull the plug on the relationship, because your boyfriend will probably continue to accuse you of things you aren't doing, no matter how much you try to show him that you have and are being faithful. You will find yourself cutting off good friends and abstaining from participating in activities that you normally enjoy out of fear that he'll assume that your cheating. Trust me, I know from personal experience. My boyfriend started accusing me of cheating on him back in August 2012. Apparently his explanation for this was because someone told him that they saw me with someone. No explanation of who this person is or who they saw me with or what they saw me doing, but apparently from what my boyfriend says, its someone he truly trusts (this puzzles me bc we are in a relationship & i thought our trust between each other is what is supposed to count more than anything) so because its someone he truly trusts it must be true. I have asked him who this person is, I even wanted all of us to sit down and talk so we could get to the bottom of the matter, bc the way I see it, if I'm going to be accused, then I should at least have a fair trial right? I've repeatedly tried to defend myself and prove that I have indeed been faithful and haven't violated his trust but my efforts have been to no avail. I am still being accused 7 months after the initial accusation. I am now 4 months pregnant and instead of my boyfriend wanting to resolve the situation so that we can move forward, he is still saying that I've cheated on him. Having to deal with all the other frustrations of being pregnant, I am becoming increasingly fed up with these accusations and I am mentally preparing myself for the possibility of having to move on(something I should have done months ago) and raise this child as a single parent. My boyfriend has said some pretty nasty things to me regarding the situation, said that he thought we had a good thing but he was wrong and if I were to admit to what I've done things would be better and the truth will set me free. But I've stuck to my guns, I'm not admitting that I've done anything that I haven't. If that is what its going to take to keep him around then our relationship wasn't built on much to begin with and I rather be by myself honestly. So what I'm trying to say to you is do not compromise yourself to get your boyfriend to believe you. He has made his choice about who he wants to believe and there is nothing you can do about it. He obviously has trust issues and needs to work on them alone and also needs to truly evaluate the people that he calls his friends. Count your blessings and keep it moving. Easier said than done I know, but you deserve better than that and there is someone out there who will recognize that.