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my boyfriend swears he loves me to death..but he sends me mxed signals i dont get it

Published on July 5, 2010 by determined1

so we been together a 1 yr .his ex wife decides to call my home one day ...i never knew whatshe looked like i googled her and the site i was on emailed her .HE was upset and i automatically assumed the worst ,so i asked y he was so mad ...he said because i didnt tell him i said why he wasnt mad that she looked me up called my home and spokle to my daughter..HIS RESPONSE WAS " I DONT CARE & AM NOT CONCERENED WITH WHAT SHE IS DOING THINKING OR FEELING ..IF I WAS IT WOULD MEAN I CARED ABOUT HER WITH THAT BEING SAID YOU WOULD HAVE TO WORRY IF THAT WAS THE CASE "I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU WERE THINKING BUT HE WAS STILL MAD AND HAS BEEN DISTANT